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appletreeot's podcast

the Apple Tree OT

Aug 1, 2019



The Apple Tree OT podcast came to fruition through the process of Jackie returning to university for her post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy after almost 20 years as a practicing occupational therapy practitioner. This podcast is designed to be a realistic discussion of current trends and health care issues and their impact on pediatric occupational therapy practitioners.

Jackie has been an occupational therapist since graduating with her B.S. degree in occupational therapy in 2000. She has worked primarily in outpatient pediatric clinics throughout her career, and opened her own outpatient occupational therapy clinic in 2013 at Apple Tree Therapy, LLC. Jackie has advanced training in sensory integration, SIPT certfication, DIRFloortime® Provider: Certificate of Proficiency, Reiki Master, and craniosacral therapy techniques. Jackie enjoys working with clients with sensory processing disorders, autism, is passionate about incorporating a variety of techniques into her practice, and educating parents regarding their child’s specific needs. Jackie is also happy to announce the anticipated release of a children’s book Meet the Overs and the Unders: Making Sense of Sensory Processing currently scheduled for publication.



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